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Willkommen bei Mentor Med Consult, einer erstklassigen Bildungs- und Personalberatung mit Sitz in Berlin. 

Wir freuen uns, Sie auf Ihrem beruflichen Weg Schritt für Schritt zu begleiten um Ihre Karriereziele in Medizin zu erreichen. Mit uns wird die medizinische Ausbildung in Europa nicht weiter als ein Traum entfernt sein! 

Mentor Med-Consult ist ein Tochterunternehmen von Pinnacle1 Direction, einer der erfolgreichsten Educational Consultancys in Asien. Somit hat das Team von Mentor langjährige Erfahrung in Immigration und Organisation der medizinischen Bildung in Europa, Russland und China sowie in Vermittlung der internationalen Ärzte nach Deutschland. 

Mehr als jeder anderer verstehen wir Ihr Streben nach Arbeitszufriedenheit und Qualität Ihrer Weiterbildung in Deutschland und die damit verbundenen tagtäglichen Herausforderungen. 

Gerne bieten wir Ihnen tatkräftige Unterstützung, individuelle Beratung und exklusive Lösungen aus einer Hand für Ihre reibungslose Integration in Deutschland. 

Mit unserem Schritt-für-Schritt Integrationskonzept verwirklichen Sie zeiteffektiv Ihre Karriereziele im deutschen klinischen Alltag. 

Wir freuen uns, Ihr Mentor & Begleiter Ihres beruflichen Erfolges zu sein! 

Mein Team und ich verstehen, dass Ihr Streben nach Weiterbildung in Deutschland, Arbeitszufriedenheit und intellektuellen Herausforderungen. Wir versichern Ihnen maßgeschneiderte, exklusive Lösungen aus einer Hand, die Ihren Träumen und Zielen entsprechen. 

Wir freuen uns, Sie in allen Aspekten eines reibungslosen und nahtlosen Prozesses zu unterstützen.

Career consulting

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Pinnacle-1 Direction coaches students.

Coaching from actual doctors

It is easy to pursue your dreams and carve a smoother road for yourself when you have the right experts to guide you every step of the way. Our mentorship is diverse with several stages including online preparations, one-to-one consultations, and group training.

Here is a brief overview of what we have in store for you.

We provide a much-needed introduction to the European health care system and the recent trends and needs of the international medical world specifically in Germany. There are various modules to assist you to grasp the basics.

Most importantly, the mentors provide periodic assessments of your progress and assistance if you are confused or stuck at any level. We will prepare you for medical entrance exams and also conduct mock exams to help you decipher your abilities and shortcomings with enough time to work on them.

The mentors will be in contact with you throughout the process. It is important to note that our involvement in your success story doesn’t end with just the admissions. You are welcome to ring us up anytime. We provide access to relevant workshops and public medical events throughout your studies to give you a competitive edge as well.

Our mentors are veterans of their fields and will give you undivided attention. They are skilled in customizing their programs and teaching strategies according to the learning needs and pace of our students.

From career coaching to resume training, we have strategized a complete training course to assist you beyond your expectations.

Medical Residency training in Germany

This is the quintessential perk of seeking medical post graduation in Germany. The recognition is worldwide, therefore, those students who study from here are widely accepted and respected around the world. By doing a Post graduation medical training in Germany, you receive  high-quality education.

Long-term planning

There is no tedious procedure in getting a residence permit for you to worry about. Besides getting a work visa, which is mandatory and part of our process, one can also get a permit to the place where he or she stays. Not to forget our assistance in receiving accomodations.

Premium services

People are usually under the illusion that education in Europe is extremely expensive.

One can avail of the scholarships which universities provide and if not the case, the bachelor’s degree courses don’t require any tuition fee if you’re doing it from a public university.

Where private universities tend to charge tuition fees, public ones only take some semester contributions which cover services and facilities like transportation and so on.

In a nutshell, the universities might charge some fees but the overall education expenses are lesser than compared with the other countries.

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A career specialized carreer coach

Medical mentor

Intercultural Training

Doctors who have only recently arrived in Germany need to familiarise themselves with the local health system. After all, professional success here in Germany depends to a large extent on this.

kenntnisprüfung intensive course

International physicians from non-EU countries must pass a Germany to pass a knowledge examination(Approbation) examination in Germany in order to obtain medicalApprobation (license to practice medicine).

die Fachsprachprüfung (FSP) Intensive course

FSP courses at Pinnacle 1-Direction takes place in small groups & one to one Online session with a concrete focus on the current examination requirements at medical associations and our integrated examination simulations are carried out realistically analogous to the procedure at medical associations.

Career Mentoring

Mentoring is a personal development tool whereby a mentor with experience supports a mentee with little or no experience.  

Your mentor can offer insight into your chosen field and help out with matters like finding the right career path and making your applications stand out.

Bluecard / Permentant Residency

We have extensive experience in advising  clients on German work and residence permit applications. 

Pinnacle 1-Direction  preminum immigration services stand out with complete end-to-end case management for each of our  clients.

Individual Coaching

Coaching is a solution-oriented discussion process that usually leads to an individual action strategy over several sessions. The basic philosophy is based on the fact that every person already has the solution to a problem within him or herself.

Unsere Methoden

Inter- kulturelle Kompetenzen für internationale Ärztinnen und Ärzte.

Ärztinnen und Ärzte, die erst seit Kurzem in Deutschland sind, müssen sich mit dem hießigen Gesundheitssystem vertraut machen. Denn davon hängt in hohem Maß der berufliche Erfolg hier in Deutschland ab.

In den Seminaren werden folgende Fragen behandelt:

Wie kommuniziere ich am Besten mit Patienten? 

Welche Erwartungen haben Patient/innen in Deutschland an den Arzt? 

Welche Konzepte zu Gesundheit, Krankheit und Behandlung gibt es hier? 

Wie kooperiere ich angemessen mit den Pflegekräften? 

Wie kommuniziere ich erfolgreich mit Vorgesetzten wie Oberarzt und Chefarzt?

Thematische Schwerpunktseminare:

  • Berufliche Integration in der Klinik oder Arztpraxis in Deutschland
  • Orientierung im deutschen Gesundheitssystem
  • Umgang mit deutschen Patientinnen und Patienten – deutsche kulturelle Orientierungen, Werte und Normen; Rollenverständnis Arzt – Patient
  • Umgang mit Vorgesetzten und Kollegen in der Klinik 

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